Carmen Kennedy Art



I studied painting, drawing, photography, and art history in the 70s and 80s, earning a BFA in Art History and a BA in Studio Art from The University of Texas at Austin.

After graduating with a degree in Art History in the 1980s, I managed an alternative art gallery, (Data Gallery) and accompanying artist studios located in the California Hotel on E. 7th Street in Austin. It was a labor of love but not very profitable. I put my artistic pursuits (mostly) on hold while supporting myself with a career in technical writing. I survived many reorganizations until I couldn’t and became underemployed until I was able to retire.

I am delighted to have reconnected with a group of artists from the global “Mail Art” community. This fast and free sharing of art and ideas has not only enhanced my creativity but has allowed me to grow my own art. I have fun being in the world and experimenting with new mediums and techniques.

I also stay engaged with the art community by participating in workshops, visiting museums, attending art shows and festivals, and submitting my work to be included in exhibits, magazines, and books.

Exhibitions and Publications:
Exhibition at Old Bakery and Emporium, Austin, TX, November 2019
SEA - FIRE - HUMAN PROJECT 2019, Athens, Greece, Winter 2019
PO-MO Exhibition Selçuk University, Selçuk, Turkey, 24 May-20 June 2019
West Austin Studio Tour, May 2018, Guest Artist in a Gallery (Austin Art Space)
Due West Exhibit, Austin, TX, May 2018
14th Annual People’s Gallery Exhibition, 2018, Austin City Hall
56 Days of August, book published 2017, collage “Grand Canyon” selected
2017 AVAA Summer Art Show at Austin Art Space
bART on Springs Exhibit, 2017
West Austin Studio Tour, 2017
Due West Exhibit, Dougherty Center, Austin, TX, May 2017
Indie Soleil magazine featured my work, “ImaginaryScape”, in the November 2016 issue
East Austin Studio Tour, 2016, work auctioned at Art Therapy for SIMS Foundation fundraiser
12th Annual People’s Gallery Exhibition, 2016, Austin City Hall

Some works on this website are for sale in my Etsy shop.